Nature Speak

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Nature is the most powerful realm of magic and spirituality on Earth, source of primal energies and great spirits. It is an initiatory path, and within it are most of life's answers, doorways to other realms, and a myriad of wonders. The author of Animal-Speak and Animal-Wise now explores the lessons and meanings of the plant kingdom through dictionaries of landscapes, trees, flowers, herbs and more. Learning Nature's language can help you make choices, solve problems and understand your life.

Ted Andrews was an internationally recognized author, storyteller, teacher and mystic. A leader in the human potential, metaphysical fields, he has written over 50 books that have been translated into more than two dozen foreign languages. Ted was schooled in a variety of related holistic healing modalities, music therapy, herbal therapy, hypnotherapy, acupressure and other alternative methods. A clairvoyant since childhood, he was a certified spiritual medium of almost 30 yrs. Throughout his lifetime, he worked with birds of prey, conducting educational classes in schools to help young people discover the wonder of nature. He also was a volunteer for Brukner Nature Center, just outside of Dayton, Ohio, helping care for the resident animal that were unable to return to the wild. He enjoyed his down time hanging out with his menagerie of animal on his farm.