NobleEgg Egg Timer Pro | Soft Hard Boiled Egg Timer That Changes Color When Done

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NobleEgg Egg Timer Pro changes color to indicate when the boiling eggs reach the soft, medium and hard-boiled stages. Place the egg timer in the pot with the eggs and easily make soft, medium or hard-boiled eggs like a Pro.


  • INCREASED ACCURACY – with our accuracy markings you will never miss that perfect level of soft, medium or hardboiled egg. 
  • ORIGINAL EGG TIMER – NobleEgg’s copyrighted design is expressive and unique. The egg timer comes in a beautiful gift box ready to present as a practical gift to anyone who loves soft boiled, medium or hard-boiled eggs
  • TOP QUALITY – Safe material, No BPA, no BPS, no BPF, no worries. The egg timer complies with the most rigorous safety standards, and certified by extensive laboratory tests

How to Use the Noble Egg Timer Pro

  1. Place the egg timer in the pot or saucepan with the eggs at the very beginning as shown in one of the pictures. The eggs can be straight out of the refrigerator.
  2. Watch the bright red color changing to white, passing through doneness levels as the water starts to boil. Check one of the pictures for a visual representation of the process.
  3. When the eggs reach the desired consistency, take out the egg timer and let it cool at room temperature. For soft boiled eggs and medium boiled eggs, cool down the eggs in cold water to prevent further passive cooking. For hard boiled eggs, leave the eggs to cool at room temperature.