Ocean Nutrition Cichlid Omni Pellets 7-Ounces (200 Grams) Jar - Medium Pellet Size

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Ocean Nutrition's Pellet Formula Foods for cichlids are soft and moist sinking food developed by aquaculture biologists for various cichlids' daily feeding. The pellets provide balanced nutrition through a blend of fresh seafood, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help promote optimal health, color, and vitality. They are available in small (+/- 1.2mm) and medium (+/- 3.1mm) pellet sizes and two varieties: Cichlid Omni Pellets and Cichlid Vegi Pellets. Additionally, the pellets' soft and moist nature makes it easy for your fish to digest them. As a result, there is less waste, and your aquarium stays cleaner.

Ocean Nutrition's Cichlid Omni Pellets are a protein-packed soft and moist sinking fish food. It provides balanced nutrition for all omnivorous and predatory cichlids' daily feeding – those who feed mostly on a variety of fish, insects, crustaceans, worms, and sometimes plants and algae. This formula includes prey-based proteins, spirulina (blue-green algae), vitamins, and minerals that promote growth, support color, and provide an appealing flavor fish find irresistible. Feeding Instructions: Feed two to three times daily as much as your fish will eat in five minutes. Remove any uneaten food. Store in a cool, dry place. Use within four months after opening. For variety use in combination with other Ocean Nutrition Formula Foods.


  • Protein-packed soft and moist sinking pellet food for all omnivorous and predatory cichlids.
  • Supplies daily nutrition, promotes growth, and supports color.
  • Packed in oxygen-free pouches to guarantee maximum freshness.
  • Does not cloud the water when used as directed.
  • Ideal for African and Central and South American cichlids including peacocks, discus, angelfish, Oscars, and more.