Organic Charcoal Soap Bar Set

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 - Lavender Tea Tree Cedar Scent -

Handmade Cold Process Soap Bar -Handmade in small batches in USA through traditional cold processed (CP) soap method, the old-fashioned way to best preserve the nutrients and effectiveness of those gorgeous oils. With all-natural ingredients combined with pure essential oils, after 4 weeks of slow curing, our soaps are of the highest quality.

  • 100% Natural Organic Vegan Ingredients - Made with organic activated charcoal and bentonite clay for detoxifying, scented with Tea Tree, Lavender essential oils. The coconut oil, shea butter and several essential oils used are USDA organic.100% natural and 100% vegan, artificial colorant free, and synthetic fragrance free
  • Skin Loving - Delicate soap to deeply cleanse, balance & detox all skin types, especially good for normal to oily skin types. The harmony combination of black activated charcoal and white bentonite gives you the perfect experience of deep cleaning and detoxifying your skin. With impurities, excess oil and dead skin cells washed away, your skin will be left smoothly, bright, and glowing. Help with the healing of skin; glow and brighten skin to its natural radiant