Disposable Mini Bathroom Mouthwash Cups

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You'll not find a more interesting toy for a rabbit, or small parrot than paper dixie cups.

The Comfy Package [300 Count] 3 oz Blue disposable mini–Bathroom Paper Cups are strong, durable, and convenient cups for rinsing, washing, mouthwash, and other bathroom uses. In addition to sampling, hold small objects, snacking, and for single servings. But with an extra cheerfulness of their bright color to add joy and good vibes to every situation.

The original and fun design allows it to be the perfect candidate for parties and events, as well as more friendly to children and create a vibrant atmosphere for everyday uses too and make your routine enjoyable! A proper and quality small paper cup is an essential and necessary need in every environment. In the office, at the doctors, at home- in your pantry, on your bathroom counter.