Parrot Foot Toy - Sola Atta Balls - 3 Pack

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A pack of three Sola atta balls, great fun, chew and forage foot toy for those small to medium-sized feathered friends in your family. Has multiple uses in craft and toy-making projects, it is bird safe and all natural. They are made with the soft, spongy tissue in the stems of the Sola plant. Measuring approximately 2 inches in diameter.

Sola: Botanical Name: Aeschynomene Aspera. Common Name: Sola pith (Sola plant). Species: Flowering plant. Family: Fabacea


  • The 1214 pk3 Sola Atta Balls from Bonka Bird Toys are fabulous beak and foot toys for your pet bird!
  • Each sola ball is made with all natural Sola plant root making for perfect beak chewing and foraging
  • Small pets such as chinchilla, hamsters, and gerbils love to gnaw on sola atta chew toy.
  • Birds naturally forage for food by tearing up bark. Foraging toys like Sola support this behavior.
  • Made using the stems of the sola plant, the organic bird toy is 100% all natural and non-toxic.