Perception Kayak Universal Kayak Paddle (2 Piece), Lime/Blue, 230cm/90.5"

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Perception Kayaks universal paddle allows paddlers to paddle faster, farther and more efficiently thanks to its optimized blade design. Made in the USA, this paddle combines an aluminum shaft with a fiberglass-reinforced polypro blade for lightweight performance and durability. The paddle measures 230 cm (90. 5"), and the two pieces are joined with a corrosion-resistant ferrule. Offering a versatile design, this paddle fits nearly all recreational paddler sizes, skill levels, and environments.


  • Designed to perform well with all sit-inside and sit-on-top recreational kayaks
  • Strong fiberglass-reinforced blades with 3 feather angle options (L60/0/R60)
  • Suitable for use in both placid and windy/rough conditions
  • Dihedral (two-planed) blade design for smooth, stable, and flutter free strokes
  • 2-piece take-apart construction allows for easy storage and transportation
  • Sport Type: Kayaking