KingWood Premium Cedar Owl House

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Host an owl on your property. It's fun for everyone, young and experienced. Watch them swoop, glide, and hunt. Listen to the owls. Maybe even experience the magic of baby owlets in the springtime! Screech owls will help control the large insect & rodent population that may be passing through your yard, possibly doing damage. So, they are a welcome addition to your property!

Larger owls such as spotted, barred, or great horned owls can be more aggressive! They are known to hunt animals slightly larger than themselves. So please be mindful if you have cats or small dogs. Screech and saw-whet owls are of no danger to your domestic animals, and are generally friendly, social creatures.

Your all-new large cedar owl home will come with pine nesting chips. Screws, washers, & predrilled holes, for easy mounting. An info sheet with tips and owl behaviors is included. We even have an easy install, video tutorial to assist you.

Screech owl boxes are typically hung at roughly 10-20 feet off ground, with overhead leaf coverage, facing a more southern direction. Northern winds can be brutal for raising baby owls. For your larger breeds, owl box needs to be mounted 20-40 feet up, phew, that high! Being that they are highly intelligent birds of prey, they may scope out your nesting box & not return again until next mating season.


  • Sturdy built cedar box will last years thru all types of weather
  • Window sides flared for better security from uninvited predators
  • Large 6x6 inch viewing window sunbathing owl and observation
  • Nest box provides proper air ventilation with inset bottom
  • Specifically built for Screech Owls and Saw-Whet Owls