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Pets 5B Dog Probiotics Enzymes Powder - Digestive Support for Small-Large Canines & Puppies

Have a puppy or an older dog who suffers from digestive issues such as frequent diarrhea, painful bloating flatulence or constipation? Looking for a way to freshen the breath and improve the health of your doggy?

We here at Makondo Pets are veterinarians and dog owners ourselves, so we know just how important digestive health is for the vitality, the happiness & the prolonged life span of your canine companion.

This is why we have designed the most effective and easiest to use digestive aid for dogs of all sizes!


  • 9 STRAIN PROBIOTICS FOR DOGS: The powers of 9 species come together to deliver a probiotics powder that soothes a dog's upset stomach to treat diarrhea, loose stool, bloating, excessive gas, bad breath, constipation & other digestive issues.
  • FORMULATED BY VETERINARIANS: Our high potency 5B probiotics powder has been formulated by a team of experienced veterinarians, which means you know you're getting the very best dog health supplies for your precious pooch.
  • PROUDLY 100% MADE IN AMERICA: Why run the risk of using a lesser quality digestive probiotic from another country when you can help fortify your dog's tummy with a daily sprinkle of our made in USA dog's probiotics supplemental powder?
  • NO SUGARS, BYPRODUCTS, FILLERS: Unlike other digestive vitamins for dogs, this beef & chicken flavored digestive powder by Makondo Pets contains absolutely NO toxic ingredients, sugars, soy, wheat, byproducts, fillers or additives.
  • EFFECTIVE & REALLY EASY TO USE: Targets the most common digestive problems in dogs - Strengthens the immune system, boosts energy, relieves itching from allergies, hot spots & yeast overgrowth. Simply sprinkle a scoop on your dog's food!