Rabbit Foraging Mat with Fixing Handle - 20" × 20"

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Hide pellets and treats and toys for foraging stimulation.


  • Unique Pattern: With bright color (white, orange, yellow, green) and unique pattern (flower, banana, parrot, orange), our small animal snuffle feeding mat is beautiful in appearance and eye-catching in design, adding a pop of bright light to both of your pets and your house.
  • Our rabbit foraging mat aims to letting your pets sniffing and foraging food by themselves, the uneven surface and the irregular shape of the mat can keep your pet busy and provide endless fun for them.
  • No Slip Design: Boasted with anti-slip bottom and hangable webbing straps, you can hang the pet slow feeder sniffing pad to bench leg and it will stay stable on the ground even your pets keep moving on it.
  • Washable Material: Made from high quality polar fleece material, the rabbit foraging mat can be washed by both hand and machine