Rattan Round Bed with Soft Cushion for Cats or Small Dogs

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These wicker pet beds blend in easily with other rattan home furniture in the house, recommended for small to large indoor dogs and cats. The hut can absorb impact directed at the dome, by having metal frame embedded inside the basket, dense woven rattan makes this hideaway bed even more robust. Unlike dog or cat cave igloo cube in which interaction with pets are limited by their narrow cave opening, round pet provides up to enough width opening to entertain and interactively play with your pets.


  • High-quality materials: The cat bed is hand-made by food grade imitation rattan, which is an improved rattan. Neither the surface is uneven like natural rattan, nor is it as cheap as plastic products. The material itself is tough and has no peculiar smell. The surface is smooth and burr-free, so it will not get caught in the pet's hair or hurt the pet's skin when used by the pet.
  • Durable structure: The cat bed is made of metal frame and rattan, which is very strong and durable. Even if it deforms occasionally due to compression, it can be restored manually. Because the metal surface has a protective layer, it will not rust due to long-term use. This will be the cat bed that will accompany your pet throughout the life.
  • Easy to clean: As the material of the cat bed is waterproof, both the cat bed and the cushion can be washed. Cat beds usually only need a simple wipe.
  • Size: The bottom diameter of the cat bed is 15 inches, the opening of the cat bed is 13.8 inches, and the height is 12.2 inches. The maximum waist diameter is 19.7 inches. Suitable for cats up to 22 pounds and puppies up to 11 pounds.