Raw Paws Silvervine Catnip Sticks for Cats - 30 Sticks

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Our catnip sticks are harvested from the silvervine plant, also known as matatabi, native to the dense mountainous jungles of East Asia. Traditional catnip only has one cat attractant, matatabi silvervine has two, making our 100% natural cat matatabi sticks twice as potent! Raw Paws cat nip sticks contain no preservatives, additives or unnatural ingredients. Our cat silvervine sticks are healthy and safe and have no harmful or addictive properties.
  • NATURAL CATNIP TOY RELIEVES STRESS: When eaten, Silvervine catnip acts as a sedative, but when smelled, it acts as a stimulant. This cat silvervine chew stick come in handy for stressful or anxiety-provoking events like taking a trip in the car or visiting the vet. 
  • MATATABI CAT STICK CHEWS SUPPORT ORAL & DIGESTIVE HEALTH: Silvervine stick cat chews help to clean teeth by scraping away plaque & tartar build-up making them great dental cat treats. Raw Paws silvervine stick chews also aid digestive issues like constipation, flatulence and inflammation. Catnip chew sticks act as a carminative, helping to remove air in the intestines. We hand-pack & hand-inspect our silvervine catnip toy sticks to ensure the freshest, highest-quality, dental sticks for cats.
  • CATNIP PLAY STICKS ENCOURAGE ACTIVITY: If your cat is older, overweight or just all-around lazy, these cat nip play sticks are sure to get them moving! Silvervine for cats is stimulating, with studies showing that cats played with these sticks 2.5 times LONGER than regular catnip toys for cats!
  • RAW PAWS offers a100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We stand behind our brand and value our customers’ satisfaction on every single order. Less than 1/3 of all cats lack the gene that attracts them to catnip. If you're not completely satisfied with our cat teeth cleaning treats made from silvervines for cats, we will provide a Full Refund - Guaranteed - no questions asked.