REPTI ZOO 10L Reptile Mister Fogger Terrariums Humidifier

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Integrated Design Reptile Humidifier and 10L Water Tank: You can add water directly to the water inlet of the main engine without removing the water bucket; It is up to 2.6 Gallon (10L) of water can be accommodated, visual water level design are used.

  • Super Silent Pump: Reptile Humidifier Fogger of the diaphragm silent pump is used with stable operation; give your pet a comfortable and quiet environment.
  • 360 Degree Spray Nozzle and Timed Spray Function: The 360 degree spray nozzle can multi-angle adjustment and wide spraying range; With the timed spray function, the product can imitate the natural environment and regularly spray water onto your pets or rainforest landscapes.
  • The Reptile Mister System Can Connect Nozzles up to 20pcs :4pcs spray nozzle components included but be able to connect 20pcs spray nozzles and work at the same time. If you have many terrariums or other something need water, this is the best choice for you. Buy one can solve everything.
  • Adjustable Rainfall System and Internal Backwatering Technology: The sprayer can adjust the spray flow to meet the needs of pets or rainforest landscapes; Internal backwatering technology can realize water cut off at the moment of stoppage, and the dripping can be less than 1 drop, thus preventing the water from accumulating in the bottom.
  • 100% product test before packing, and AQL final inspection after packing. If you find that some products have been used, it is due to a misunderstanding caused by product inspection, and we can assure you that it is absolutely new. 

Details: REPTI ZOO 10L High Pressure Adjustable Reptile Rainforest Spray Misting System with 4PCS Nozzles Ideal for a Variety of Reptiles/Amphibians/Herps

1.Power adapter: Input:100-240v-50/60hz
2.Product size: 235x235x397mm (9.2*9.2*15.6in)
3.Maximum number of spray nozzles that can be connected: 20pcs
4.Product weight: 5.7kg

Package include:
1.Main engine, including a water tank: 1pcs
2.Power adapter: 1pcs
3.Black water pipe: 1pcs(φ6*196.8in)
4.Pipe cutter: 1pcs
5.Copper filter head: 1pcs
6.Plug: 1pcs
7.Spray nozzle component: 4pcs