Roly Poly Farm Vivarium/Terrarium by Pocket Pets - Assorted Colors

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A new, fun, and exciting habitat to watch everyone's favorite insect, Roly Polies. Roly Polies, Potato Bugs, Pill Bugs, or Sow Bugs, no matter what you call them, we all love them.


  • Just like an ant farm only so much cooler
  • Real Working Farm - Roly Polies Grow, Fertilize, and Harvest their own food.
  • Can use common Roly Polies from your yard or we will send you 10 fast producing Rolies to your home (voucher included shipping extra)
  • Kit includes the Farm Enclosure, Chia Seeds, enough substrate to get chia and rolies started.
  • An excellent STEM habitat.
  • 7.1 x 6.2 x 5.8 inches