Sauria Sterling Silver Labradorite Ring

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Custom made to order, OAK, Sterling Silver Labradorite Ring "Sauria" with lizard totem animal. We use only fine silver or gold and highest quality gemstones. Please note that it's not possible to find two absolutely identical stones so stone in your piece of jewelry may differ from the image! All our creations are made by hands and unique in their own way. 

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Stone: Labradorite
Stone Size: 1,7см*2,3см

Labradorite Crystal is a stone of magic, awakening within you mystical and magical abilities and psychic powers. The lizard animal totem is a reliable messenger from the spiritual realm. They are flexible and highly adaptive to their surroundings, capable of overcoming a plethora of adverse circumstances and personal attacks. Their ability to thrive in such conditions earns them the symbolism of being able to go with the flow and the inherent value of amalgamating in the wild.

This item needs 20 days to be created. Sizes US 4-8.5. Please send us a message through our Amazon store for customization inquiries or if you need a rush order, we will see what we can do.  EXPRESS WORLDWIDE SHIPPING Available.