Savic Lixit Giant Bird Bath - Giant Splash - XL

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by Savic
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Extra Large bath for parrots, love birds and cockatiels. Made in Belgium. Can be hung inside or outside the cage. Solid construction, metal hooks. 15x10x11 inch.


  • MADE FOR BIG BIRDS: The Savic Splash is designed for Medium to small parrots.
  • EASY TO MOUNT: The Giant splash has two adjustable hangers and is designed to be mounted inside or on the outside of your bird cage. It has a flat bottom so it can also be used fully detached from the cage.
  • QUALITY DESIGN: The Savic Giant splash features a robust plastic hood to prevent water from getting all over the cage. Fitted across the entrance is a wood perch which makes it easy for your bird to grip when entering and especially exiting their bath.
  • Proudly Made in Belgium