Sera Micron Nature - Fry Food - 0.8 oz/50 ml (720)

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by Sera
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Sera Micron Nature is the fry food without dyes and preservatives for the healthy nutrition of fish and amphibian fry as well as Artemia nauplii in fresh and marine water. This finely powdered food contains both zooplankton (18% krill) and phytoplankton (51% spirulina) and consists of tiny particles that float in the water. sera Micron Nature thus optimally resembles natural plankton. It supports healthy growth, the immune system as well as strong development and coloration. Due to its excellent digestibility, the water is not unnecessarily polluted.


  • Without dyes and preservatives
  • With 50% Spirulina and 16% Krill
  • For optimal development
  • Made in Germany