Classic Interactive Cat Toys - Balls, Mice, Catnip inside Felt Mice for Indoor Cats - Multi Pack

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Felt mice are ideal for cats that love to chew on their toys. Filled with catnip and is sure to become your cat's next favorite toy.


  • CLASSIC MULTIPACK: This 6 Pack of Felt Mouse Toys are a classic shape, something that every cat needs to have. It’s a toy for any cats and kittens of any size and breed. A perfect set of cat toys for indoor cats.
  • INTERACTIVE: This is a great interactive cat toy for indoor cats, your cat will love to swat this catnip cat toy, kick it like a kicker cat toy and toss it around like a mouse cat toy.
  • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Keep your cat busy and fit! Playing with your cat and cat toys is a way to strengthen to bond between cat and cat parent. This toy is also a great alternative to electronic cat toys.
  • BOREDOM RELIEF: These toys keep cats mentally and physically stimulated for hours, and a great way to keep your cat and kitten happy.
  • SPOT BY ETHICAL PRODUCTS: Established over 70 years ago, a New Jersey based family-owned company. If you or your pet isn’t completely happy, or have questions, please visit our website to contact us.