Goat Skinneeez Crinklers The Stuffless Crinkle Dog Toy with Squeaker For All Dogs

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Bring out your dog's natural hunting instinct with our realistic stuffing free skinneeez dog toys! Is your dog bored? Does he need a stimulating activity? Does he love interactive toys? Well, we have just the answer! Treat your pup to these great and realistic looking unstuffed animals. They will fulfill his hunting desires and provide him hours of "hunt and chase". Just wait till your furry friend discovers the amazing crinklers and squeakers hidden within the toy to elevate your dog's playing experience! He will not want to put this down! As an added bonus, they are incredibly warm and cozy - perfect for your cuddly puppies! Available in four designs, each design is offered in 14" and 23". Designs: Bird, Cow, Lamb and Goat.


  • STUFFINGLESS - What makes this toy different from all the other "stuffed" animals you have? This furry animal is STUFFINGLESS. The lack of stuffing in this toy makes it stand out as a dog toy that's made to last! Without stuffing the dog will be less inclined to destroy the toy and chew through the inside. Think no mess! No stuffing everywhere! We know your dog will have an absolute blast with this furry tugging toy!
  • CRINKLES - Dogs love and get excited by various sounds, especially when they themselves are creating the noise! These Skinneeez Crinklers were designed strategically with a crinkling material on the inside to provide your dog with that extra level of stimulation and enjoyment. As he tugs on his furry friend, he'll be creating an amazing crinkling sound that will keep him coming back for more! With this soft and fluffy toy, your puppy will be busy playing for hours!
  • SQUEAK! SQUEAK! - In addition to the unique crinkler this toy has to offer, we have not forgotten to include the basic squeaker every dog loves! Squeaky and crinkly - what could be better?
  • VARIATIONS - This toy is available in four designs, all available in 14" and 23": Bird, Cow, Lamb and Goat. So, buy one, or even better, buy all four designs! Your dog will love you for it!