Stainless Steel Bell for Parrots

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by yoyoung
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Crafted out of 100% stainless steel, ultra-durable and easy to clean. What more could a doting bird parent ask for?

The steel bird toy is available in two different sizes, allowing you to select the one that best suites the size of your feathered friend. Our small stainless steel bird toy has a 7.7" hang and the bell measures 0.7" in diameter x 3.5" long, while the large steel bird toy hangs 8.5" and the bell measures 0.9" in diameter x 3.9" long.


  • TWO SIZES: These steel bird toys are available in two different sizes. The small 7.7” bell toy is recommended for smaller birds, such as cockatoos and parakeets. The larger 8.5” bird cage toy is ideal for bigger parrots, including African Greys, Macaws, etc.
  • DURABLE: Made out of the finest stainless steel, our hanging bird cage toy is sturdy, strong and safe. Equipped with quick links, the steel bird toys snap on and off of your bird's cage with ease.
  • MESS-FREE: Since they are made out of solid stainless steel, our bell bird toys are also incredibly easy to clean. Simply detach them and wipe them down when a quick cleaning is needed.
  • BELL NOISE: Birds love the ringing sound that the bell of our parrot toy makes! It is also subtle enough so that it doesn't disturb you or your house guests.
  • SUPER FUN: Your bird will have a blast messing around with this cage toy as he or she discovers that bumps, jolts and pecks affect the sound produced by the bell.