Strip Foraging Bird Toy - Non-Removable Wing Nuts, Hex Nuts and Quick Link for Medium to Extra Large Birds

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All aluminum and stainless steel. 12 total inches of threaded rods. Wing nuts and hex nuts won't come off their bolts. Includes quick link to hang noisemaker, other toys or just another challenge for the bird to get it off. Side cage mount or hang. Busy Bird’s mechanical / foraging parrot toys are built to last for the life of your bird. Constructed of solid anodized aluminum and some stainless steel, our toys are safe, durable and lightweight. They are chemical and dishwasher safe- the colors won’t wash away or fade. All toys with wing nuts and hex nuts are hassle-free, as they WON'T COME OFF THEIR BOLTS. The thread at the end of the bolts are altered, so your feathered friend can’t get them off and you don’t have to “forage” around the floor of the cage to find them. Your bird will LOVE IT!


  • INTELLECTUAL PUZZLE: A busy bird is a happy bird. This indestructible, intellectual and beautiful toy keeps parrots' minds working
  • ENCOURAGES PLAY AND EXERCISE: When mounted to the side or top of their cage, your bird will have to find a way to balance and manipulate the wing nuts and hex nuts at the same time, promoting balance and building endurance.
  • African Greys, Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons
  • For birds that like to screw around
  • 12 total inches of threaded rods