Manzanita Pumice Pedicure Perch for Healthy Feet, Nails and Beak - 10 inches in length

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Sweet Feet and Beak's Superoost Manzanita Pumice Pedicure Perch has been approved by pet owners, veterinarians, bird breeders. It's a great tool to add to your bird's cage to keep their break and nails in optimal condition as if they were living in the wild.

It has a rough side for trimming and a soft side to protect sensitive birdie feet. It also encourages healthy feet and leg muscle stimulation.

Safety perches can help keep nails and beak in top condition. The beak conditioner was found to keep the bird's beak in a naturally healthy state of trim and also simulate activity for your bird.

The Medium sized perch is approximately 10 inches long and measures approximately 7/8 inch in diameter. Other sizes are available if you have a smaller or larger birds


  • KEEP YOUR BIRD COMFY & HAPPY - this Superoost Manzanita perch provides the comfort, grip of a natural wood perch, along with 100% cosmetic grade patented Pumice to serve as a nail grinder and bird beak trim toy. No two perches will be the same
  • A MUST-HAVE FOR BIRD OWNERS - manzanita wood branch contoured perches for bird cages with smooth and rough surfaces to provide a safe grip that conditions and massages your bird’s feet, promoting healthy feet and leg muscle stimulation too
  • MULTIPLE SIZES AVAILABLE - durable wooden bird perch ideal for use in pet cages with African Greys, Amazons, and other similar size birds - various sizes are available. Great bird toys, beak buffer, bird beak trimmer
  • SAFE AND NON-TOXIC - our parrot perch is safer than a sanded surface bird cage perch that can hurt your bird’s tender feet pads; position the pedicure perch slightly above your normal bird cage perches to ensure optimum usage by your feathered friend.
  • SUPER EASY INSTALLATION - hand made in the USA bird supplies with a durable plastic base, not heavy cement. Simply attach the bird perch stand to the bird cages. Perch safety cap oriented for a vertical cage can fit horizontal bars 5/8 of an inch or greater. Plastic mounting hardware is included. No sharp metal hardware will be left sticking out.