Sweet Feet and Beak Platinum Foraging Toy Bell Shaped Box

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Colorful Injection Molded Plastic hanging toy/feeder cup. Birds will enjoy a natural foraging experience.


  • Foraging for food encourages preening and chewing. This colorful hanging treasure box will encourage exploration and keep your feathered friend entertained. It can also be filled with your pet's favorite snacks, seeds, nuts, food, or treats. Add shredder paper for an extra challenge!
  • DURABLE, PET-FRIENDLY MATERIALS: This is an incredibly strong, sanitary plastic container, made safe for your bird to feed and forage. Made from materials used to manufacture bullet proof glass, for years of bird proof durability.
  • EASY TO INSTALL & CLEAN: This indestructible cage toy for birds will be ready for play in no time! Provided quick link connects to any size cage in seconds. The perfect addition to any bird play stand. Your bird deserves a clean toy to forage and play with. Many other bird toys and perches are difficult or impossible to keep clean. Sweet Feet and Beak toys clean easily with soap and water.
  • YOUR BIRDS WILL LOVE IT: Colorful toys like this are a wonderful way to engage your bird's interest. Brightly colored toys entice your bird to peck and play. Your bird will have hours of fun discovering new ways to play with its new Platinum Tweeter Toy. This is a great way to add enrichment to bird cages.