Terracotta Frog Self-Watering Spikes - Set of 4

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Type: Lawn & Patio
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Before use, soak the spikes in water to open up the pores in the clay so that the water flows more freely from the reservoir. Just insert it into the soil and fill it with water, no need to remove it when refilling. Larger plants will require multiple watering stakes. Please test its watering time before leaving for length of time away.


  • The unique design of the frog can add more bright spots to your garden while watering the plants. Happy cute frogs complement the natural beauty of plants and help you and your plants keep smiling.
  • Alternative to glass watering globes, terracotta allows plants to absorb water through osmosis. The spikes a slow and steady drip of water right to the roots so you’ll be less likely to drown your plant by overwatering, and they can use water more efficiently, reducing the loss of soil moisture.
  • 100% Terracotta watering spikes different from watering globes or wine bottle watering spikes, easy to refill without removing. Simply pour water from your plant watering can into the head of the frog self-watering bulbs, and your plant will take care of itself. A perfect houseplant accessory.
  • Has a 6 fluid oz top-loading reservoir.