The Antler Box-Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews - 1 lb Bulk Pack

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The antler box not only delivers roughly 2 times the amount of antler for a similar price as your local pet store but it also contains only the highest quality grade “A” deer antlers. This ensures your dog is getting the highest quality, longest lasting chew possible. The Antler Box delivers everything you want from a dog chew:

100% organic and natural- Each and every Antler Box Antler chew comes from naturally shed antlers from wild Elk and therefore are 100% organic and natural.


  • EACH ANTLER BOX will contain 1 lb of premium Grade “A" organic elk antler chews that have been naturally shed from wild elk. The "Large-Mixed" box will contain 3 whole and split antlers
  • GIVE YOUR DOG A HEALTHY, ALL-NATURAL ORGANIC CHEW TOY. Our elk antler chews are full of calcium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc and glucosamine to nurture your dog the way nature intended. No steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones or preservatives of any kind. As natural as it gets!
  • GIVE YOUR DOG HEALTHIER TEETH AND GUMS. Our antler chews are also mess free in that they won’t stain your expensive rug and/or furniture.
  • PLASTIC FREE, BIODEGRADABLE, ECO PACKAGING. It didn’t feel right to wrap plastic around such a natural product. Instead, for our antlers we designed a box that is composed from biodegradable and renewable materials