The Art of the Flockcall

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: Creating Your Successful Companion Parrot Lifestyle

Creating your Successful Companion Parrot Lifestyle - Use these foundational steps to build a great and trusting relationship with your parrot. Sharing your life with a Companion Parrot is an art form. Inside these pages, you’ll discover the simple synergistic steps to building a trust- filled, loving relationship with your Companion Parrot. Whether you’ve just found your new companion or have been together for a while, the Art of the FlockCall works.

Kathy LaFollett lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida with 8 parrots, one dog, one rabbit, 2 guinea pigs, 2 lizards and one very patient husband. Surrounded by a demanding conciliatory flock of wild Muscovy ducks outside their home, agreeable to her care and concerns, she writes her stories and tends to their needs. On time. Every day. Much like those living inside the house. She's exhausted.