The Bunny Lover's Complete Guide To House Rabbits:

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The Ultimate Handbook for Successfully Living Indoors with a Pet Rabbit

Whether you’re a first-time rabbit owner or a veteran bunny slave—or even just contemplating adding a lagomorph to your family—The Bunny Lover’s Complete Guide To House Rabbits is an absolute must-read.

With easy-to-understand, relevant information; insight gained from personal experience; dozens of photos; and step-by-step instructions on everything from how to properly house and feed your bunny to litter-box training to finding the right vet to socializing your bun and beyond, this book will become your single, most-powerful reference tool to help you successfully and happily live with your house rabbit. The Bunny Lover’s Complete Guide To House Rabbits will help you: Find out whether a rabbit is really the right pet for you Select the appropriate rabbit vet for your bunny Know what—and what not—to feed your bunny (hint: carrots aren’t it!) Understand why rabbits should always live indoors Interact and play with your bunny Discover what “bunny-proofing” is, and how to do it Learn bunny language and what your rabbit is saying to you Train, socialize, and groom your rabbit Bond your bunny with another rabbit Recognize medical issues from common to critical and so much more! It’s possible to more than double the lifespan of your pet rabbit—this comprehensive book will show you how!