The Exploding Phonebook Factory Caper

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02/03/23 10:09 EST
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Detective Felix finds himself pulled into another unsolved and disrespected crime. An explosion at the phonebook factory leads Agent Leonidas, Rabbit, Retired Furry Bureau of Investigations, and Detective Felix down a rabbit hole. No pun intended, unless it's funny.

Who would destroy perfectly good shreddable phonebooks? Better question, why are six Agents from the FBI investigating and not making arrests? More importantly, what's today's Special at the Fast Through Pass Through Diner? You can't solve mysterious criminaling activities if you've got the low blood sugars.

Felix will need all hands on deck to put the clues together including his Macaw Foragensics, a reasonable raccoon named Clyde, and one very talented computer hacker, Freya B. Dragon. Can Felix and his team match the skills with those of the FBI out of Virginia? And does he even care? No matter, he's about to match wits with a crime family, The Tuna, The Chin, The Cigar and be forced to rely on a new clue gathering counterpart who's knee deep in the cafeteria garbage can.
The crime starts with an explosion and ends with a bang!