The Nature of Life and Humanity

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"The Nature of Life and Humanity" tells the story of the cosmos, Sun and Earth: the evolution of mankind expanding across the continents, the tools that aided us, the cultural networks that brought us together, the spirituality that answered what we didn’t understand.

The nature of life on Earth requires clean air and water, fertile soil, energy and natural resources with diverse biodiversity and a stable moderate climate. An altered climate is just one component of the ecosystem changes that a growing human population has been orchestrating on Earth; air and water pollution, topsoil depletion and erosion, excessive energy and natural resource consumption and biodiversity loss are the others.

Our continued survival depends on the size of our population, the quantities of natural resources we consume, our waste and how we process it, the degree to which we love and respect all life on this planet—and even ourselves, our success at passing these principles on to each generation that follows. The book concludes with answers to the questions: why we must and how we can change the way we live, how living more relevant, respectful and simple lifestyles can restore our sense of humanity and our future!