The Original Hidden Storage Book Box Hider

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Covogoods offers custom book panels, book boxes, router hiders, secret door books, book spines, painted books, faux books, and other custom decor to discerning clients everywhere. We have especially high standards, and we pursue all our projects with zeal. If things aren't what you hope, we will keep trying until you are thrilled. We love building custom projects! Contact us with your needs.


100% MADE in USA from reclaimed books and sustainable wood 
A panel of real books, paired together in a complementary set, then cut and adhered to a wood panel half box
Creates the look and feel of normal books from the front, with a secret storage space hidden behind!
Great for hiding routers, cords, plugs, outlets, money, secret documents, jewelry, or to conceal other items
• Photos show product model; you will receive different books

• Dimensions are approximate and variable since no set of books are alike
• Example: If you select Size 12 inches— 12.00"W (across the front) x 5.50-6.50”D x 8.50-9.50"H (tallest book); inside storage space: 10.75"W x 4.00-5.00”D (variable depending on actual book depth) x 8.50-9.25"H (shortest book)
• Need bigger storage space? Contact us before you order if your size needs are more specific 

How to Order:
1. Purchase the correct size (inside storage width will be 1.25" less than your selection)
2. Want a photo before we send? You must select 'YES, preview books' and enable Amazon notifications
3. We will prepare and ship your order quickly!