LIVE Stream tour of the Toucan Rescue Ranch - Costa Rica

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Central American Tours is a family-owned company started in 1972, and still managed by the children of the founder. We operate tours all over Costa Rica, creating new and amazing experiences for tourists all over the word. We are Costa Rica experts, and we know every corner of this amazing country.

Get up close and personal with macaws, owls, parrots, sloths, spider monkeys, toucans, weasels, and more at the Toucan Rescue Ranch. Join your guide on a virtual tour of the ranch and learn about its history, mission, and rehabilitation programs for its animals. By booking this experience you will be helping this rescue center to save more beautiful animals... thank you in advance!


  • Get a close-up look at parrots, monkeys, sloths, and more.
  • See the Toucan Rescue Ranch's facilities.
  • Discover how the ranch cares for its animals

Languages: English