The Wildlife Pond Book

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Create Your Own Pond Paradise for Wildlife (The Wildlife Trusts) with 300 color photos, including step-by-step and after.

This friendly, practical guide includes everything you need to know to help wetland wildlife flourish outside your back door. The Wildlife Pond Book offers a fresh and unique perspective on ponds, encouraging readers of any budget to reach for the spade and do something positive to benefit their shared neighborhood nature. With up-to-date, clear guidance on a range of innovative pond designs, this new book aims to encourage a wider audience to connect with freshwater habitats and offers readers unique and creative tips on how to observe, study and enjoy pond wildlife through microscopy, dipping, torching and traditional wildlife spotting.

Written by zoologist, science writer and conservation practitioner Jules Howard, The Wildlife Pond Book is filled with creative ideas never before put to paper (and not found online) that Jules has trialed over ten years of pond building and kept secret… until now. This will be the go-to pond guide no matter how big their outdoor space.