Tomfeel's Cat Wine Bottle Holder for Cat Lovers and Wine Lovers

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01/18/23 10:48 EST
by Tomfeel
Type: Furniture
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Tomfeel Cat Wine Bottle Holder's antique burnt brass finish compliments any bottle, the whimsy cat grin and hug compliment the bottle you're about to server.


  • Tomfeel's Cat wine bottle holder is made by traditional craftsmanship in metal work and welding. Hand painted accents.
  • Charming cathugging your vintage design. Looks great at any angle, and in any decor.
  • Size: 11.7 X 11 X 33.1 cm/ 4.6 C 4.3 X 13in (L * W * H)​ | 13" tall is 4.3 inches deep and 4.6" wide.