Toys Chew Bagels for Parrots

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Pack of 12 - 2.75 Inch Chew Bagel are classic colorful foot toys for your medium-sized feathered friend. The bagels come 12 to a pack and are ready to be used right from the package. The bagels are each brightly colored, making them super attractive to birds. Their classic simple look goes great in just about any cage. The bagels are made with bird safe compressed cardboard. They are easy to grab with feet or beaks and are very satisfying for birds to tear and rip apart. Each chew bagel will provide hours and hours of fun with their multiple layers. The bagels measure about 2.75 inches wide and have a .5-inch height. 


  • Chew Bagels from Bonka Bird Toys are versatile and chewable bird toys!
  • Great stress busting toys the bagels will keep your cherished friend mentally and physically busy.
  • These destructible birdie bagels will satisfy your birds instinctual need to chew and shred.
  • The Bonka Chew Bagels you can break them up into pieces to provide more forage and chew material.
  • The 2113 pk12 2.75 Inch Chew Bagel are made with 100% bird safe compressed chewable cardboard.