Blue Whisker-Friendly Wide Dish Cat Bowl - 8 OZ

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SAFE FOR PETS & GOOD FOR ENVIRONMENT: These eco-friendly cat dishes are made from renewable plant source - 47% bamboo plant material. Dishes are perfect for water and food - both wet and dry.

  • SHALLOW & WIDE DESIGN PREVENTS WHISKER STRESS: Also known as whisker fatigue and occurs when cats eat out of tall bowls that touch & over-stimulate their whiskers. Our open design allows your cat to eat food more easily & is completely STRESS-FREE!
  • HIGH-POLISHED, EASY-TO-CLEAN, DURABLE DESIGN IS UNBREAKABLE: Our decorative Ecoware cat dishes are made with a high-polish finish that makes them easy-to-clean. Under normal use, our cat bowls are unbreakable & will not crack or chip. Very durable!
  • NON-SKID DESIGN PROVIDES A MESS-FREE MEALTIME: The non-skid base of our cat dishes is made from kitchen-grade silicone to prevent sliding, spilling & scratching the floor. No more cleaning up! Also, chemical-free, heavy metal-free & BPA-free.
  • VAN NESS IS COMMITTED TO BEING SAFE & GREEN: Van Ness is committed to creating environmentally friendly products wherever possible. When you purchase a Van Ness product know that the health of your pet & your family is our first priority.
  • AGE RANGE: All life stages.
  • HAND WASH: Hand wash with liquid dish soap, rinse off with water, and air dry.
  • CAPACITY: 8 Ounces.