Water Bottle with Stand for Small Pets

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 We designed this water bottle holder for Small Sized pets like hamsters, mice, gerbils, rats offer convenience to their daily drinking convenience. Adjustable Height of Water Bottle Position - To suit different sizes or height of small animals, the holder has an adjustable height slot to lower or higher the position brings your pet's comfy when drinking

  • It comes with a water bottle that has volume as 4 OZ (ca. 120ml) to perfectly match the stand. Please kindly note that the bottle holder doesn't match other types of water bottle
  • The base of water bottle holder offers you an opportunity to place your water bottle wherever you wish, especially in a glass tank, aquarium, terrarium, or a DIY hamster cages
  • Made from thick bamboo without nails, which is a pet-safe and renewable material, and chewable by your rodents