White Stretchy Form Fitting Mesh Skirt Bird Cage Seed Catcher

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White Universal Bird Cage Seed Catcher – Our birdcage seed guards & catchers fit securely around your birdcage to prevent messy seeds and floating feathers from scattering on the floor.

  • Snug Elastic Fit Design –This bird cage net is ideal for small, medium, and large parrots and other common indoor birds. The bird cage skirt is adjustable to 55” to 100” circumference with 16” top to bottom height, it can fit a wide range of square, round, and oval shaped cages perfectly.
  • The fine mesh coverings allow air and light to pass through comfortably to keep pets cool and relaxed. Pet owners can see their pets clearly.
  • Super Simple Installation - No tools or complicated processes required. The stretchy fit and snug design mean you can simply slide it over the cage without having to tie anything off or cut it to fit.
  • Machine Washable Netting – The bird cage cover is made with a heavy-duty nylon which is strong and lightweight, to be completely machine washable.