Wooden House Pollinator Bee Management System

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The Wildlife World Interactive Wooden Bee House is ideal for education and natural bee preservation The bee nester habitat is constructed of untreated, FSC-certified timber with proper hole size for many pollinator bee species, such as the red mason bee, leafcutter bee, and masked bee.

The wood house features stacking trays which can be opened for inspection and cleaning Attracting solitary bees near your home is safe and beneficial to the pollination of flowers, fruit, and vegetable plants, and trees Mason bees are born pollinators and are not aggressive These friendly bees are industrious and safe around children and pets.

This bee house helps preserve and promote the natural ecology of the solitary bee family which, unlike bumble bees or honey bees, don't live in colonies in a hive They are gentle and wonderful pollinators in your backyard Solitary bees have a fascinating life cycle, laying their larvae in tubes or tunnels where they gestate for 9 months before emerging in the spring The hole sizes of this habitat are precisely specified to attract non-swarming species The bees are naturally attracted to holes in wood and the Wildlife World solitary beehive provides a habitat that has become harder to find in modern gardens.


  • SOLITARY BEE HABITAT: This bee habitat has pre-drilled holes to safely attract many nesting bee species, such as leafcutter and carpenter bees These are a gardener's best friend Beneficial for the pollination of flowers, fruit, and vegetables
  • EDUCATIONAL: Watch the bee life cycle Stacking trays can be opened and examined the lid opens so you can see inside Create a natural, eco-friendly "beehive" habitat and enjoy watching the solitary bee's life cycle
  • SAFE FOR CHILDREN & PETS: Mason bees are friendly, industrious, and non-aggressive wild bees They enhance the productivity of your yard and attract bees to the habitat, rather than cracks in your patio or home
  • BENEFICIAL & BEAUTIFUL: Charming, attractive house design looks great in the garden and can be mounted on a wall or a fence Ideal for those who love the environment, and natural, functional outdoor decor for the yard
  • EASY TO USE: Help the bees Place above the ground in a warm, sunny south-facing position Ideally, near plenty of nectar-rich flowers, plants and trees Mason bees work harder than other bees and are extra beneficial for your plants