Aquarium Decor Plastic Plants - Fish Tank Decoration - 15-inches tall

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Our fish tank decoration plants are carefully designed and developed by professional landscape designers.


  • YOJOE brand plastic plants are made of high-quality PVC and ceramics, they are made by imitating real plants, they will not pollute water, will not fade, and can be used for decoration in fresh water and sea water.
  • Our specially designed ceramic base can ensure that your plants stay in the aquarium without worrying about the plants floating.
  • Bright artificial plants add a lot of color to the decoration of the aquarium, turning your aquarium into a vibrant and colorful environment, and at the same time providing a comfortable shelter for your aquarium creatures.
  • Plastic plants may be squeezed and deformed during packaging and transportation, please don't worry, please use a hair dryer to heat the plants, which will make the plants more beautiful.
  • 5. Plant size: about 15 inches high