Zoomed Reptisun 14" T5HO Terrarium Hood Light Fixture 5.0 UV-B Bulb Bundle

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Take reptile lighting to the next level with greater energy efficiency and higher UVA, UVB and full spectrum light output. Zoo med Reptisun t5 ho high output terrarium hood employs a rapid start electronic ballast that maximizes lamp performance.

T5 Reptile light fixture also features a highly polished curved reflector that directs light down into the terrarium, so your reptile receives the full benefits of T5 ho high output Linear fluorescent lamps. The result is stronger UVB and brighter light output than standard T8 fluorescent Reptile lamps. High output light fixture for your reptiles Use with a zoo med Reptisun t5 ho lamp to provide UVB, UVA & visible light for your reptile. Energy efficient for rapid start and maximum lamp performance.